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  • Product name: FD-V6 welding robot
  • Product number: FD-V6
  • Added time: 2017-04-14
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  Faster, more agile - use a more advanced servo control system so that the robot can run in the best acceleration way and save working hours
  Completely independent multi-joint robot, having a wider range of action compared with the original robot
  Easy operation, user-friendly
  Robot teaching box is small, lightweight, very easy to use, Chinese/ English can be easily switch in the teaching box

  FD-V6 Actuation range:

  Standard technical specifications:


Model NV6
Number of axes 6
Maximum weight capacity 6kg
Position repeatability ± 0.08mm
Drive capacity 2600W
Actuation range basic axis J1 ±170°(±50°)
J2 -155°~ +90°
J3 -170°~ +190°
arm axis J4 ±180°
J5 -50°~ +230°
J6 ±360°
Maximum speed basic axis J1 3.66fad/s(210°/s){3.32rad/s(190°/s)}
J2 3.66fad/s(210°/s)
J3 3.66fad/s(210°/s)
arm axis J4 7.33fad/s(420°/s)
J5 7.33fad/s(420°/s)
J6 10.82fad/s(620°/s)
Load capacity allowable torque J4 11.8N.m
J5 9.8N.m
J6 5.9N.m
allowable inertia moment J4 0.30kg.㎡
J5 0.25kg.㎡
J6 0.06kg.㎡
Robot actuation range cross - sectional area 3.14㎡×340°
Surrounding temperature, humidity 0-45°,20-80%RH(no condensation)
Body weight 144kg
3rd axis capacity 10kg
Installation method ground, side hanging, lifting
 Body Color Arm: White / Base: Blue

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