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  • Product name: FD-B4 welding robot
  • Product number: FD-B4
  • Added time: 2017-04-12
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  Build-in coaxial cable to prevent cable bending, improve the quality of work
  Easier machine maintenance
  Arm independent support structure, can be unilateral disassembly, faster and easier coaxial cable replacement
  Reduces the mutual interference between the arm and the fixture
  Minimize the interference between the cable and the fixture, making it easier to get the right gun attitude

  FD-B4 Action range :

  Standard technical specifications:


Model NB4
Number of axes 6
Maximum weight capacity 4kg
Position repeatability ± 0.08mm
Drive capacity 2550W
Actuation range basic axis J1 ±170°(±50°)
J2 -155°~ +90°
J3 -170°~ +180°
arm axis J4 ±155°
J5 -45°~ +255°
J6 ±205°
Maximum speed basic axis J1 3.66fad/s(210°/s){3.32rad/s(190°/s)}
J2 3.66fad/s(210°/s)
J3 3.66fad/s(210°/s)
arm axis J4 7.33fad/s(420°/s)
J5 7.33fad/s(420°/s)
J6 10.5fad/s(600°/s)
Load capacity allowable torque J4 10.1N.m
J5 10.1N.m
J6 2.94N.m
allowable inertia moment J4 0.38kg.㎡
J5 0.38kg.㎡
J6 0.03kg.㎡
Robot actuation range cross - sectional area 2.94㎡×340°
Surrounding temperature, humidity 0-45°,20-80%RH(no condensation)
Body weight 154kg
3rd axis capacity 10kg
Installation method ground, side hanging, lifting
Body Color  Arm: White / Base: Blue

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