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  Robot coating station is the robot center developed by the robot application system, including the robot, for the glue system, glue table, workstation control system and other peripheral equipment. In order to improve the reliability of the system, the robot and the glue system in the glue working station are generally used for the design and manufacture of the workbench, the control cabinet and the surrounding auxiliary equipment according to the needs of the users, and the integration of the coating system is completed. The station has a high degree of automation, suitable for multi-species, mass production, can be widely used in automobile windshield, car and motorcycle lights, building materials doors and windows, solar photovoltaic cell coating and other industries.
  The robot has six control axes, and can flexibly generate any space trajectory, which can perform various complex cloth movements. Coupled with its rapid movement, smooth, high repeatability, can fully guarantee the production needs of the beat, and ensure uniform tape, so that product quality and stability.
Robot glue station for the glue system has a cold glue and hot melt glue for two kinds of glue, according to the requirements of different customers can be configured for the glue system. The glue system can be connected with the robot action, the correct completion of cloth and glue for the action.

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